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Perimenopower was released in September 2018 and shortly after the rights were sold to several countries. Today, the book is translated into seven languages. It was released in UK (worldwide English edition) in May 2020. Later on it will be released in France and Turkey and during 2019 it was released in Russia, Lithuania, Croatia and Finland. It is an honest and unbiased guide through the perimenopause based on my experience combined with a medical base. A fact review has been done by chief physician Evelina Sande Idenfeldt, specialist in gynecology/obstetrics.

Publishing houses: 

Ehrlin Publishing - Sweden

Orion Spring - UK

Editions Jouvence - France

Atena Kustannus - Finland

Portal Knigi - Russia

Znanje - Croatia

Lithuania - Obuolys

Turkey - TBA

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