My name is Katarina Wilk and I am a writer who has worked in several different genres so far.


My non-fiction book Perimenopower was released in 2018 and has now been sold to seven countries. It was released as a reissue in Sweden 2022 with a new title - Heading into the wall or just in perimenopause? 


I have also released two books for audio format - a youth book (nominated in Storytel Awards 2019) and a thriller.

I also once released a cookbook. 


I am currently writing a psychological suspense-manuscript that will hopefully see the light of day soon.  

Foto: Maria Östlin

Heading into the wall or just pre-menopause? People and Stories, 2022.


The Innermost Darkness, Word Audio Publishing, 2019. 

Perimenopower, Ehrlin Publishing, 2018.

#walkwithme, Saga Egmont, 2018.

I still carry you, Ordberoende verlag 2018. 

Modern food bags, ICA Bokförlag, 2010.